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This is the solution to help you master and apply the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Our unique members-only sites provide 24/7 access to extensive training and essential resources. Whether it’s the Fifth Edition, Sixth Edition, or both, use your membership here to leverage the quality of your reports and to improve your efficiency when performing or reviewing impairment evaluations. Upon completion of requirements, receive immediately Certification of Training for Fifth Edition and/or Sixth Edition. In addition, you gain access to monthly subscriber-only web-based meetings with Dr. Brigham, where your questions are answered and critical issues are discussed.

This training is designed for professionals using the AMA Guides, including physicians and other healthcare providers, attorneys, claims professionals, and fact finders. The Fifth Edition training fulfills the State of Ohio training requirements to be on the Disability Evaluator Panel. For physicians in California, it provides 16 hours of required continuing education.


Each of our AMA Guides training plans gives you access to:

  • More Learning — in addition to the course presentations:
    • Study Material
    • Hyperlinks to AMA Guides’ corresponding sections
    • Hyperlinks to AMA Guides Newsletters/Articles
    • Hyperlinks to videos: Physical Examinations — learn exam skills essential to the rating process
    • Case Exercises with Solutions
    • Quizzes
  • Highest-quality training covering all chapters
  • Training when you need it: 24/7
  • Very cost-effective

All these resources are available to you 24/7 for $947 for a one-year subscription (less than one IME fee). It’s training on your schedule, at your pace, wherever you’re comfortable, with no extra cost for travel and time away!

We also offer the focussed course for AMA Guides, Fifth and Sixth Edition, like Musculoskeletal and Neurological, Medicine (non-musculoskeletal), and Mental and Behavioral Disorders. Each course offers comprehensive training on evaluating permanent impairment in these specific areas.

In the past, you’d travel to seminars to learn how to use the Guides. But, weeks later, you’d encounter a rating issue and not clearly recall what to do. Now, our system gives you access all year — and you don’t have to give up valued work days, treasured weekends, or vacation time for training or testing.

You will have convenient online access all year. After completing the training, subscribers can return to any relevant modules they find useful.

photo: Chris Brigham, MD
Chris Brigham, MD
Senior Editor, AMA Guides (6th ed.)

You will learn from Christopher R. Brigham, MD, Editor of the Guides Casebook and Guides Newsletter and Senior Editor of the AMA Guides (Sixth Edition). Chris is highly regarded for his knowledge of impairment evaluation and his ability to convey his knowledge to others. He is frequently featured as a speaker at related industry events.

As a result of all these learning resources, you will be able to rate the most commonly rated disorders, including spinal pain, upper-limb disorders (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and entrapments), lower-limb disorders (foot/ankle, knee, and hip), nervous system disorders, and pain.


“You have developed a wonderful and exciting learning tool for the AMA Guides!

“I find your program to be a unique, time saving, user friendly, cost efficient instrument for learning the appropriate use of the AMA Guides. Having attended your AMA Guides seminars in the past, I can unequivocally state that this system is as informative and instructive as attending one of your seminars!

“For busy practicing physicians, the information presented is straightforward, practical and allows one to implement the lessons into a busy practice immediately!

“We all lead extremely busy professional careers and personal lives and I enjoy the fact that I can study, read and reflect on the presented material in the privacy of my own home and at my own pace. The cost of the program is minimal when considering time spent away from my practice, and the cost of travel and lodging when attending a ‘live’ seminar.

“For those who spend even a modicum of time performing medical legal evaluations and impairment ratings and do not yet have it, I would say, ‘get it today!’

Ron Fujimoto, DO — Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine
Los Gatos, California

“In describing this site there are several words that come to mind — valuable, creative, painless, authoritative, unique, and accessible 24/7. What you have developed is so needed.”

Lorne Direnfeld, MD, Neurologist
Maui, Hawaii


AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

training web site:

AMA Guides, Fifth Edition – Mastery

AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

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AMA Guides, Sixth Edition – Mastery