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Physicians, Elevate Your Expertise in Impairment Assessments!

In the realm of impairment evaluations, precision and knowledge are paramount. The AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment are your essential tools. And who better to learn from than the masters of the trade?

📘 Delve into Mastery with our AMA Guides Courses 📘 Dedicated to the physician’s perspective, our Mastery courses for the Fifth and Sixth Editions of the AMA Guides are meticulously curated for your learning journey. Discover the 2023 learning experience tailored just for you at www.amaguides.com

💼 Unparalleled Quality & Resources Await 💼 The courses, rich in content and brimming with actionable insights, also equip you with an array of invaluable resources. Our flagship courses, AMA Guides, Sixth Edition – Mastery, and AMA Guides, Fifth Edition – Mastery, stand out as the pinnacles of comprehensive learning experiences.

AMA Guides, Fifth Edition – Mastery is accredited for up to 142 hours by the Administrative Director of the California Division of Workers’ Compensation for Qualified Medical Evaluator continuing education.

🚀 Boost Your Impairment Assessment Acumen 🚀 Take your expertise to the next level and make informed assessments with confidence. Dive in now!

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Smart Choice for AMA Guides Training — Online vs. Conventional Programs

Traditional training programs offer none of the benefits.

What do you need to know about these resources?

  • This offering surpasses all other training, including FifthEdition.com and SixthEdition.com resources, which many have valued for over two decades.
  • Enrolling in this top-tier interactive learning resource on the AMA Guides, Fifth and Sixth Editions – Mastery courses grant access to over 200 modules for each of the courses that teach impairment evaluation and report creation.
  • Modules typically feature brief video and audio presentations complemented by written content.
  • Additionally, you will have access to hyperlinks for supplementary video content and articles and integration with the “AMA Guides All-Access Bundle,” a highly recommended subscription service by the American Medical Association.
  • We also offer a downloadable course syllabus and a .pdf handout of all presentation slides.
  • Engaging in numerous case exercises and quizzes facilitates active learning,
  • Plus, as long as you are actively enrolled, you will have complimentary access to our monthly coaching sessions, where you can ask questions and receive expert guidance.
  • A certificate of training is awarded upon course completion.
  • With over 170 hours of content for each course, you can tailor your learning to your practice, interests, and schedule. The courses duration depends on the amount of accessed content, typically ranging from 40 to 170 hours for each of the Fifth and Sixth Editions – Mastery courses.
  • We continuously update the content to provide the necessary information and resources.
  • The course addresses common issues, including fundamentals, practical applications, musculoskeletal (spine, upper and lower extremities), nervous system, pain, mental and behavioral, skin, and all chapters.
  • Completing this training prepares you to take the examination to become a Certified Impairment Rater at www.certifiedrater.com (CIR is issued in collaboration with IAIME)

Authoritative, convenient, affordable

The Fifth Edition and Sixth Edition training plans are designed for all related professionals: physicians and other healthcare providers, attorneys, claims professionals, fact finders…

The modules include all the chapters. Those together represent the vast majority of ratable conditions.

AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

book cover: AMA Guides, 6th edition Master and use the Sixth Edition

AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

book cover: AMA Guides, 5th edition

Master and use the Fifth Edition