Virtual Medicolegal Practice – Achieving Success


Virtual Medicolegal Practice – Achieving Success

Two web-based learning events, totaling 2 hr. 45 mi., providing participants with insights to providing medicolegal services and independent medical evaluations in a virtual environment. Includes attendee resource material and access to webpage including links to useful resources.



Online training: 2 hr. 45 min. (Recorded, 2 sessions: Webinar 1 hour, 45 minutes; Forum 1 hour)

Date: March 25 and 27, 2020

Physicians and other experts involved in the medicolegal field are moving to a virtual environment. The importance of having (and mastering) the skills necessary for this explosive shift to the virtual world and telemedicine is unprecedented, and cases will be routed to medical professionals who are prepared; however, many are not.

Christopher Brigham, MD, a medicolegal expert who has thrived in a virtual environment for over two decades, shared new approaches to virtual independent medical evaluations (IMEs), expert review work, medicolegal consulting, depositions, and more. This webinar, Virtual Medicolegal Practice, Do You Know What to Do? provided invaluable knowledge and experience about working in this setting, including the pros and cons of virtual independent medical evaluations. His insightful presentation included a a lively panel discussion involving leading medicolegal experts, attorneys, judges, and claims managers of the new paradigm. It was followed by a forum and lively discussion.


  • Christopher R. Brigham, MD (host), Consultant, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Constantine (Dean) Gean, MD  (co-host) – Liberty Mutual, California
  • Erik Blowers, Plaintiff Attorney, North Carolina
  • Charles N. Brooks, MD – Physician, Washington State
  • Steven Feinberg, MD – Physician, California
  • Constantine (Dean) Gean, MD – Liberty Mutual, California
  • Hon. David Langham – Judge, Florida
  • Katharine M. Nohr, Esq. – Defense Attorney, Hawaii
  • Nathalie Pettit, Esq. – Defense Attorney, Hawaii
  • Michael Stack – Workers’ Compensation Consultant, Maine