AMA Guides, 6th edition — Mastery – 1 Year


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This is the solution to help you master and use the Sixth Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. This unique membership site provides you 24/7 access to extensive, essential resources that will improve the quality and efficiency of performing and reviewing Sixth Edition impairment evaluations.

The site is designed for professionals involved in the use of the Sixth Edition, including physicians, attorneys, claims professionals, and fact finders.

Online training is highly efficient and cost-effective. You obtain the training when you want, based on your needs and schedule. The annual subscription fee of $1187 is less than the typical one IME ($1500 national average), plus there are no indirect costs due to loss revenue from being out of the office and no travel or lodging — possibly saving thousands of dollars). You can access the content 24/7, along with valuable resources that will enhance the quality of your evaluations and improve your efficiency.

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