Medicolegal indexing word list, over 17,000 terms, for use with PDF Index Generator and MS Word.

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Document indexing permits you to identify keywords quickly. It makes your work easier and provides value to your client.

It is essential to use a comprehensive list of medicolegal terms. Unfortunately, there was no list available until we developed this. We involved three teams whom each developed a list. We combined lists and edited them. The tasks were far more daunting than we anticipated and took months of effort. We are pleased to provide you with the result of a list of over seventeen thousand words, including medical terms, legal terms, and drugs. Now you can quickly create superb indices that will increase the quality and efficiency of your work and impress your clients.

You are provided with:

  1. A list to index .pdf documents that have been optically character recognized (OCR). Using a unique product, PDF Index Generator , you can create indices with only seconds of your time. This file is in text format. View the demonstration.
  2. A list to index MS Word documents, using the indexing function in word. The MS Word document with two columns is used to “automark.” View the demonstration.
  3. The index in Excel spreadsheet format.

Your purchase provides licensure for your personal use and is not the be shared. We place tracking words in the document to monitor use. If shared with someone without our permission, it is agreed that there is a penalty of $25,000 per incident. We have invested significantly in this development, and the material is proprietary.