Online History


Online patient histories enhance report quality and efficiency, saving typically an hour per assessment. The result is an MS Word document for inclusion in your report.


Enhance the quality and efficiency of your history interviews by having the examinee complete this online or doing this in conjunction with a staff member. This comprehensive history tool meets best practice standards. Once completed, a report in Word format is generated and sent to the physician. Its use will save physicians typically more than an hour per assessment. The result is so thorough that it will provide you with the information you need and distinguish your work from others using antiquated approaches.

View a demonstration of this system by clicking here.

We have simplified the system by hosting the history system on a secured Enterprise HIPPA compliant account. On receipt of your order, we will establish an online history portal specific for you. You will be advised of this link within 5 days. We encourage you to test this and review the resulting report that is sent to your email address. (We can always change the email address to where this is sent.) You will advise us if any modifications are required. Once the system goes live, the CognitoForm logo is removed. We will make minor modifications to meet your practice needs. Installation typically includes up to 5 hours for customization. We appreciate your feedback throughout the process.

The initial fee is $887 and includes ten histories. Additional histories are $50 per history. In addition, we will monitor your account periodically (monthly or quarterly) and invoice you for use. Since physician billable time typically is five to ten times this fee, this saves an hour; this provides a tremendous return on investment.

Interactive Online History, including Informed Consent. Completed by examinee or with staff and examinee

History Document, completed immediately and emailed to the provider as a Word document