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Using Web-based Resources to Enhance Quality and Efficiency of Evaluations



Perform a more efficient and higher-quality evaluation.

  • Implement processes based on best practices.
  • Use unique online history systems that produce a best practices history. This is far more thorough than the vast majority of reports and takes you minutes, not hours. Many physicians (or attorneys) could save one to two hours per case.
  • Use software-integrated functional testing system
  • Use software systems for AMA Guides ratings, e.g., Cedaron (5th and 6th editions) or J-Tech (5th edition)

Manage and analyze documents efficiently and with ease.

  • Use digital documents (.pdf), not paper
  • Securely obtain, store and send electronic documents.
  • Use software systems to facilitate the indexing, organizing, and review of medical records.
  • Select and use external resources to organize and summarize documents at a small fraction of the cost of you doing this work.
  • Develop optical character recognized records (OCR’d) and automatically create a detailed report index that you and your clients will highly value.
  • Learn what software and hardware will facilitate your virtual work

Prepare high-quality reports with great efficiency.

  • Use templates, text blocks, text expanders, timeline generators, artificial intelligence transcription systems, and digital writing assistance tools.
  • Access highly useful web-based information systems.
  • Use external resources to facilitate report production, proofreading and assuring high quality.
  • Add a Table of Contents and an Index that will set your reports apart from others.

Use resources that will save you hours each week and result in higher quality.

  • Custom online referral systems.
  • Online appointment scheduling systems.
  • Online form systems.
  • Email management using automated processes.
  • Using freelancing platforms where you can connect with quality professionals worldwide that provide you with leverage (e.g., upwork)
  • Offer virtual evaluations

Market more effectively to attract higher valued referrals.

  • Enhance your “brand” and professional image.
  • Develop an effective web presence.
  • Use social media for promotion.
  • Create a professional image, e.g., reports, emails, and in virtual meetings.

Enhance your profits.

  • Decrease the time and cost involved in performing evaluations and running your practice.
  • Base fees on service, not time.
  • Define effective Fee and Payment Policies.





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