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Enhancing Quality, Productivity, and Profits in Your MedicoLegal Practice

by Christopher R. Brigham, MD

Date:  Tuesday, June 15

Time: 2:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm CT, Noon MT, 11:00 am PT

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This event could be the most valuable you will participate in this year. It is specifically designed for physicians, other healthcare providers, and attorneys who want to work smarter, not harder. If you apply what is taught and do not have a several-fold return in the next six months, we will refund your investment.


As a leader in the medicolegal, independent medical evaluation, and impairment assessment fields, with a strong background in information technologies and management, I have learned what works and what does not. I have been reluctant to share my strategies because they have given me a solid competitive advantage. Nevertheless, I will reveal these to those who will attend this unique event at this point in my career.


As a result of participating in this unique event, you will learn how to use best practices, technologies, and unique resources to leverage yourself, your processes, and your time. Most physicians and attorneys are unfamiliar with the tools and resources. What you will learn and apply will dramatically enhance your work quality, productivity, and professional, personal, and financial success.


In medicolegal work, whether it is performing an independent medical evaluation or assessing a case, there are three steps: 1) input of data (e.g., documents, examinee history, examination findings, studies, and knowledge resources), 2) analysis and 3) output of data (e.g., report, information or specific actions ). To provide your client with a quality result, you must have a well-defined process consistent with best practices.

You will learn best practices to:

Enhance your profits and success by implementing best practice approaches using technologies and other resources to leverage your time.


Market more effectively to attract higher valued referrals. This includes:

  • Enhancing your “brand” and professional image via simple steps.
  • Developing an effective web presence.
  • Using social media for promotion.
  • Creating a professional appearance, e.g., reports, emails, and in virtual meetings.

Manage and analyze documents efficiently and with ease. This includes:

  • Why do you want all of your documents to be digital (.pdf)?
  • Securely obtaining, storing, and transferring electronic documents.
  • Using software systems to facilitate the indexing, organizing, and reviewing of medical records.
  • We are selecting and using external resources to organize and summarize documents at a small fraction of the cost of you doing this work.
  • Develop optical character recognized records (OCR’d) and automatically create a detailed report index that you and your clients will highly value.
  • Learning what software and hardware will facilitate your virtual work.

Perform a more efficient and higher-quality evaluation. This includes:

  • Implementing processes based on best practices.
  • Using unique online history systems that produce a best practices history. This is far more thorough than the vast majority of reports and takes you minutes, not hours. Many physicians (or attorneys) could save one to two hours per case.
  • Using software-integrated functional testing systems.

Prepare high-quality reports with excellent efficiency. This includes:

  • Using templates, text blocks, text expanders, timeline generators, artificial intelligence transcription systems, and digital writing assistance tools.
  • Accessing highly useful web-based information systems.
  • Using external resources to facilitate report production, proofreading, and assuring high quality.
  • Automatically create a Table of Contents and an Index that will set your reports apart from others.

Use resources that will save you hours each week and result in higher quality. This includes a discussion of the following:

  • Custom online referral systems.
  • Online appointment scheduling systems.
  • Online form systems.
  • Email management using automated processes.
  • Using freelancing platforms where you can connect with quality professionals worldwide that provide you with leverage.
  • Virtual evaluation resources.

Enhance your profits. This includes a discussion of the following:

  • Merits of fees are based on service, not time.
  • Effective Fee and Payment Policies.

Christopher R. Brigham, MD, MMS

Christopher R. Brigham, MD, MMS, the moderator, is a leading medicolegal expert who is the Senior Contributing Editor of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition, and Editor of the AMA Guides Casebook. In addition, he is a founding Director of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, served on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Independent Medical Examiners, and served as Vice President of SEAK, Inc. Before medicine, Dr. Brigham was involved in computer sciences. He is also an experienced practice consultant and the author of nearly three hundred publications.


In addition to the 90-minute event, you will receive the following:

  • Access to the recording of the presentation (not to be shared).
  • Presentation slides (as .pdf).
  • Resources lists and links.
  • Samples of:
  • Inclusion text blocks samples (3)
  • Indexing list sample (Letters A to E)

If you register before June 7, you will receive these bonuses:

  • Physical examination templates for AMA Guides Fifth Edition and Sixth Edition.
  • IME Handbook.
(Please note that this proprietary content is for the exclusive use of paid registrants. (Please help us prevent piracy. If the content provided to you is shared without written permission to others, there is a $25,000 penalty per incident.)

Your Investment


It has taken me decades and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to understand and develop what I am sharing with you. You gain access for a relative pittance, less than the hourly fee for most evaluators, and a fraction of the income from a single evaluation. If you implement only a fraction of what you learn, you should have a several-fold return on your investment.


If you cannot attend the live program, you may view the recording within one week.



If you apply what is taught and do not have a several-fold return in the next six months, we will refund your investment.



In addition, following the event, you will receive (if you want) the following:
  • One month of access to “Rating Guidance” and inventories (with online scoring).
  • Free trial offer of offshore chronology and medical analysis services (up to 500 pages for new AGS Healthcare clients).
  • Free trial of proof editing services with Editask.
  • Credit with Sequoia Port of $50 for new account owners.
  • On the day of the event (only on June 15), a substantial discount on products and training at,, and The details are shared at the event.


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