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California – Online Training Approved for up to 142 hours – September 2023 Update

State of California – Department of Industrial Relations – Division of Workers’ Compensation

QME Continuing Education Requirements

Qualified Medical Evaluators in California shall complete within the previous 24 months of their term of appointment 12 hours of continuing education in disability evaluation or workers’ compensation-related medical dispute evaluation given by a provider accredited by the Administrative Director.

Brigham and Associates, Inc. Approved Provider

Brigham and Associates, Inc. is accredited by the Administrative Director of the California Division of Workers’ Compensation for Qualified Medical Evaluator continuing education. Provider # 1150

AMA Guides, Fifth Edition – Mastery! Approved for up to 142 hours!

The AMA Guides, Fifth Edition – Mastery! learning experience is approved for up to 142 hours of continuing education. Our previous training program at had been approved for up to 16 hours; our new platform is a game changer.